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Hi, and thanks for visiting my site.  This is meant to consolidate the many places I am found on the web. Now I direct all traffic here, which has most things people would be interested in exploring or contacting me about.

I hope you find what you're looking for.  If not, or if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to visit the contact page and get in touch.  



     Brayden Whitlock is a podcaster, writer, speaker, health technology entrepreneur, and JD/PhD candidate who is passionate about advocating for reason and evidence-based thinking in society.  He is from Alberta and became politically active when he found a knack for communicating difficult concepts in the simplest terms during his time as an undergraduate at the University of Alberta. He graduated with a BSc (hons) in physiology in 2013 and started graduate school the same year, and law school after that. Much of his community involvement is focused on empowering people to become strong leaders and making science and reason accessible to the public. With this goal, he founded the Public Science Institute in 2015, which he currently leads as President. Whitlock values a society whose people feel free to express, create, and decide without undue interference. His experience in public engagement and policy reform through a number of organizations place him in a position to be able to have open and accessible discussions about the most difficult issues. He has spoken publicly on topics including privacy, tax philosophy, journalism ethics, acceptable and unacceptable government regulation, discrimination of religious and non-religious groups, sexual and gender minority rights and freedom, and criticism of faith. Many of these can be found at or in the Non-Academic Writing section of this site. He sees politically-correct culture as a generally harmful impediment to furthering our understanding of the world.

     Whitlock's current philosophy stems from moral relativism (not cultural relativism, and not normatively) and he is a passionate defender of the right to criticize any idea. Through community presentations, podcasting, and non-profit work and leadership, Whitlock pursues a world in which ideas are judged on merit, and freedom of thought, speech, and expression are unassailable. 

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