Brayden Whitlock

Edmonton - Wetaskiwin


         Brayden Whitlock is a podcaster, health technology entrepreneur, and PhD student who is passionate about advocating for reason and evidence-based thinking in society.  He has lived in Alberta his entire life and became politically active when he found a knack for communicating difficult concepts in the simplest terms during his time at the University of Alberta.

         Much of his community involvement is focused on empowering people to become strong leaders and making science and reason accessible to the public.  Brayden works to further the libertarian cause as he values a society whose people feel free to express, create, and decide without undue interference.

         His experience in public engagement and policy reform through a number of organizations place him in a position to be able to have open and accessible discussions about the most difficult issues facing Canadians today. He has spoken publicly on topics including privacy, tax philosophy, journalism ethics, acceptable and unacceptable government regulation, discrimination of religious and non-religious groups, and sexual and gender minority rights and freedom. Many of these can be found at