Brayden Whitlock

Edmonton - Wetaskiwin


Elected and Appointed Offices and Public Service


Here is a list of many of Whitlock's involvements in the past 5 years that don't fit in other categories on this site. Each section is in chronological order with most recent at the top.

Elected Offices

Voting Member, General Faculties Council

University of Alberta

The highest academic governing body of the university.

(Two Terms)

Councillor, Graduate Students’ Association

University of Alberta

Represent graduate students to the provincial government, the university, and the community.

(Three Terms)

President, Physiology Graduate Students’ Association

University of Alberta

Oversee the executive team and push for positive changes in university and outside governance

(Three Terms)

Recent Committees

Academic Planning Committee

University of Alberta

Graduate Student Advisory Committee

Faculty of Medicine

University of Alberta

Graduate Programs Committee

Student Representative

Faculty of Medicine

University of Alberta

Service Work


Present Founder and President, Public Science Institute

Manage the Board and Executive Leadership.

Ensure sustainable growth.

Facilitate science advocacy and literacy.



Founder and Chair, Leadership Department

Golden Key International Honour Society, U of A

Oversee 8 projects and a team of 50 program administrators to promote leadership and use the skills we develop in our members and in others to benefit the community.

2012-2015 Medical First Responder, Saint John Ambulance

Volunteer at local events to provide care to the sick and injured.

Stay up to date with continual training and recertification.