Brayden Whitlock

Edmonton - Wetaskiwin

Current and Recent Projects


Reclaiming Discourse is taking a look at conversation, especially difficult conversations that some people want to abolish. Check it out here.

The first project, Academic Freedom Survey 2018, launched in Dec 2018.  More to come.  Sign up for the newsletter if you'd like.

The Public Science Institute is a group of scientists and communicators based in Edmonton, Alberta, who are focused on improving science literacy in the public. We do presentations, podcasts, science summaries, Logic School, and more.  Launched in 2015, the PSI is a growing non-profit, volunteer-based organization. Take a look at our programs and let us know how we can help.  If you're interested in our goals, let us know and we'll help you get started. Everyone is welcome to get involved.

Hodgson Whitlock Group  Ltd.  is a multidisciplinary team of innovators and problem solvers who work at the intersection of science and business to provide a suite of services and advice in areas ranging from intellectual property strategy to business planning and research collaborations.

HWG focuses on mutual benefit and finds novel ways to bring evidence-based decision-making to areas which have no blueprint or precedent to start with.

The Why Show is a free podcast focused on critical thinking.  Any topic is fair game, but we tend to focus on political and moral philosophy in the real world. We tried to set an example of how to approach an issue without bias or emotion getting in the way of good analysis.

Hosts Brayden Whitlock and Matt Hodgson released a show once a week until Summer of 2017, and will release special issues as necessary in the future. For inquires or suggestions, of if you have something to say on the air, contact the show.

Alberta Academic Review is a student-led, peer reviewed academic journal that publishes across disciplinary boundaries. Students, under the guidance of more senior academics, are given an opportunity to learn about the publishing process, and an excellent, relevant, interesting academic product is created and distributed. is a company focused on solving an under-served problem: materials management in space and planetary exploration. When matter is scarce, we must get the most from every gram and every Joule.